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Indicators are the instruments to display diverse types of quantities such as pressure, temperature, flow, weight, force, level of materials.

Our indicators are categorized in five groups.

1- 4 to 20mA input Indicators

These indicators are intended to measure or to control the processes converted to analog 4 to 20mA current. These devices are manufactured in two types of six digit-96x96 mm and four digit 72x72 mm.

DPM6Six digit 96x96 mm for linear inputs.

DPM4four digit 72x72 mm for linear inputs.

DPM4-100P four digit 72x72 mm for non linear inputs capable of defining 100 points.

2- Force or weight indicator

These indicators are intended to display or to control force or weight. These indicators may be used in filler machines and batching systems and they are supplied in Six digit 96x96 mm format.

DBC4  : Batching and bag filler.

DWC4 : Weighing indicator.

3- PT100 based precision indicator

This indicator is intended to measure the temperature in range of -200 to 400 degree centigrade with 0.1'C resolution. This is a four digit thermometer with PT100 sensor.

TI-P4 : Precision thermometer

4- Flow indicator

This indicator is intended to measure the amount of flow in time unit and the total volume of passed fluid for flow meters with 0~10 v analog output. This indicator is supplied in Six digit 96x96 mm format.

DFT-6 : Flow indicator with totalizer

5- Capacitance indicator

This indicator is used to measure the capacitance due to material and vessel's wall. This capacitance is then normalized to height, volume or weight. This indicator is equipped with an analog 4 to 20mA current output. this device is supplied in six digit-96x96 mm format.

DPM-C4 : Capacitance indicator




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